S.P.M is over T_T


Haha, baru nak update blog pasal SPM dah tamat?

Ketinggalan kan?

*ada aku kesah ='P

Hahaha, okay what ever you want to say,

i just want to share with all of you about my story after SPM.

Before we go further, i would like to thanked Allah for giving me a chance to

stay a live from now on..

* English terabur.. hahahaha


stop that nonsense =o=''

hah, meh sini ceq nok habaq meh.

lepas je tamat paper BIOLOGY ( 27/11/12)

aku n da gang terus balik ke dorm then,

i terus ambik baju yg dah siap di IRON 

then paksa demo2 tuh conteng..

kan bagus laguih tuh..


ore putih habak maih.. hahaha

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