Myself ♥


Okay, i'm very boring today :)

So, jom !

Jom tido.


Just kidding ^^

Okay, we start our story with a story about my life as being a

normal person as FHCR :)

Okay, actually I'm mixed with Chinese, Indian n Malay

By the way,

sometimes you can see my face as a Chinese if I don't wears a scarf.

So, only my family and the lucky man can see my chinese looks :)

* abaikan English yg terabur -.-'

So, Indian ?


sometimes if I do many outdoors activities and I got sunburnt,

you can see me as an Indian ^^


and absolutely I'll always looks as a Malay when all of you being my friends :)


 as I'm a lazy girl being an only daughter in my family,

now, I'm just laying in my bed day by day untill the January come.

There are no more L.O.V.E that I've to worried as I am a single and NOT available ^^

* hahaha, Englishku terserlah dengan INDAH -.-''


stop wasting times by talking about the things that will not happened ><


me as known as (a.k.a) 

Farah Hakimah bt Che Razman

want to beg all of you to forgive me for all the mistakes that I've done.

-La'illa ha'illallah-

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